working with ideas

July 3, 2009

working with ideas
THE IDEA IS THE MOST ELUSIVE, INTANGIBLE, AND IMPORTANT PRODUCT OF AN ADVERTISING AGENCY THE IDEA IS THE CORE OF THE SELLING TOOL CALLED A TV COMMERCIAL. IT HAS BEEN DESCRIBED IN DIFFERENT WAYS BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE . ROSSER REEVES OF TED BATES AND Co, referred to an idea as a unique selling proposition (USP) leo burnett called finding and identifying an idea as ” the search for the inherent drama of the product.” However the idea is described, campaigns succeed, or fail on the strength or weakness of the idea.
however, having the right idea for a commercial is not necessarily the end of the rainbow. how the idea is expressed can sharpen or blunt its effectiveness. And this is the importance of commercial production. A handly produced commercial can result in a failed campaign
the creative departement of a full-service advertising agency is dedicated to finding and nurturing ideas. that’s why is it called the creative departement : it is staffed with wel-paid men and women dedicated to locating attention-getting ideas and turning them into ads and commercial that will help sell products and promote services
The idea is mainly the product of the dreative department however other departments help to develop, nurture, and present the idea to the buying public. account management relays the objectives (and budgets) of the advertiser to the creative department. the research depatment identifies the product’s or service’s market position as compared to its competitors. in so doing, research helps to position the idea for maximum effectiveness. this lays the groundwork for developing ideas that will strengten market share or reposition a product or service for maximum sales impact
it is now the duty of the media department to take the finished commercial and pleac it on TV channels that will deliver it to the target audience at the optimum time and frequency. The research department provides information to help in this selection. But the first and final burden falls on the creative department, which must originate the idea and bring it to the light of day
Where Do Ideas Originate ?

Many ideas for TV commercials have already been expressed in print. In such cases, commercial become extensions of basic ideas already presented to the marketplace in newspapers, magazines, billboards, or other modes of print exposure it is the addition of sound and movement to a print-originated idea that may sharpen acceptance through the use of television
other ideas originate from taking a new look at the product and finding some dramatic difference that can best be explained on television. such ideas, which exploit the use of the added dimensions of movement and sound, immediately dictate the necessity of producing commercials instead of print ads. In such cases, print may become only a backup for the use of television
the Tv commercial is a unique advertising medium . No other medium has the power of this combonation of sight and sound. Real or illusionary, these moving pictures and sound can command attention, evoke emotion, and motivate response in ways no other medium can, this make the Tv commercial a potent selling tool
Eleven Ways to express Tv Commercial ideas

there are various options open to the creative department in deciding how to produce a commercial . Options for live action include choices of casting, lighting, types of editing, the use of music or sound effects (or even silence instead of sound), and still photography instead of motion picture footage. If animation is chosen over live action, a whole new set of options emerges, such as computer-generated images, claymation, or live animation.
most of these choices are only available in this one medium television. The choices include the following eleven tehniques, many of which can be used in combination :
1. Stand-up presenters
2. personality testimonials
3. ”Real people” reactions and opinions
4. slice-of life episodes
5. animation
6. music first
7. words first
8. pictures first
9. demonstrations and comparisons
10. bisociation (unusual combinations)
11. illustrating slogans with images and/or sounds
there will undoubtedly be other approaches to executing a selling proposition on television in the future, but these are the major tehniques currenly in use.

reference : modul Tehnik penulisan bu siti nur aisyiyah
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